Demo Interface

You can design your LoopLink® GSE any way you see fit but to give you an idea of what you can control, we built the following interface. You should note that your interface doesn't need to be this comprehensive. We are simply showing you all of the variables you can adjust for your calculation. Review the documentation to see which fields are required for a successful response.

Where is Your Home?

Location is restricted in this demonstration version. In a typical installation of LoopLink® GSE, the user may search anywhere in the world to find weather data.

Describe Your Home

What would you like to Compare To Geothermal?

Utility Rates

For US locations, utility rates will be looked up automatically. Leave these fields blank unless you would like to override the estimated local utility rates.

How Well Built is Your Home?

Describe Your Ductwork

What Temperature Do You Like Your Home?

Describe Your Hot Water System


How Much Can I Save?

Calculations based on an estimated design year for your specified location. Actual savings will vary from year to year. Estimation is not intended to reflect actual operating costs. Estimated building loads are not intended to replace qualified calculations of energy use for your home prior to sizing of geothermal loopfield.