Add a Geothermal Savings Estimator to any website, anywhere in the world.

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Fast. Reliable. Accurate.

LoopLink® GSE is a sales generation tool that quickly estimates residential heating, cooling and hot water costs for any home– anywhere in the world. The web service simultaneously estimates operating cost and CO2 emission savings by switching to a geothermal heat pump system. LoopLink® GSE is a simple, yet powerful sales tool that can convert a curious web visitor to a serious sales lead in seconds.

Your Website. Your Interface.

LoopLink® GSE accepts requests from your registered site and responds back with a well structured answer. This means you can develop your interface to compliment the user experience and aesthetics of your website without fighting with a third party design.

As Detailed as You Like.

LoopLink® GSE has a few required inputs but accepts a lot of optional variables to allow you to tailor the results to your customers. You can set individual utility rates, adjust heating and cooling set points, control building quality parameters like insulation and duct work placement— the list goes on. The goal is provide you with the ability to provide your customers with the most realistic estimate of what geo can do for them.